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Heat Pump Water Heater Services in Santa Fe, NM

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC - Heat Pump Water Heaters

When most people think of water heaters, they think of the traditional tank models with the big cylinders holding water for your home. Santa Fe, NM also has its share of tankless water heaters, which do the job by heating the water directly as it passes through your pipes. But there’s a third option available: heat pump water heaters, which pull heat from the surrounding air or ground to warm your water. They’re extremely efficient and make a lot of sense in a town like ours, and if your home proves to be the right fit for it, it can make a big difference in your life.

At Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC we have the personnel with the experience to handle all aspects of heat pump water heater services for your home. That includes installation or new units and replacement of old ones, as well as maintenance and repair calls whenever you need them. Call on us to answer any question you may have about the technology. We’d be happy to answer them and determine if heat pump water heaters make a great fit for you!

How Heat Pump Water Heaters Work

Heat pump water heaters work by transferring thermal energy from the ground or the air (depending on the model) via electricity, instead of heating the water directly the way tank or tankless models do. Cold water enters the system and coils filled with heated refrigerant circulate through the tank, warming the water. The cooled refrigerant then exists the water tank and either draws heat from the nearby air or pulls it from the ground. Heat pump water heaters work exceptionally well in climates like Santa Fe, with reasonable extremes in the weather but not excessive heat or cold. And because they simply transfer heat instead of generating it, they cost much less to operate.

Heat Pump Water Heater Installation and Replacement

Installing or replacing a heat pump water heater in your home takes more than simply bolting it in. You first need to size your household plumbing so that the new water heater can adequately support your needs. You need to ensure that the placement meets Santa Fe’s building codes and that it has sufficient access to both your home’s electrical grid and enough air or earth to facilitate the heat exchange. For all of that, you need as professional service to work with you, not only during the installation or replacement operation itself, but for the planning stages when the key details are worked out.

Trust Us with Maintenance and Repair

Installation is only part of the equation when it comes to heat pump water heaters, however. You still need someone to perform maintenance on it once or twice a year and when repairs are required, you want a service with experience in these types of water heaters, not someone who’s going to transfer knowledge about more traditional models and hope for the best. At Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC we don’t trust something as important as hot water to luck or chances. If your heat pump water heater needs repairs, or you just need to set up a schedule to keep it maintained and functioning at its best, then we’re the first name to call on every time!