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About Us

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC - About Us

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC is a family owned and operated home services company with over 35 years of experience. We believe in providing excellent customer service no matter the size of the job, and we provide our technicians with ongoing training to ensure that you always get the service you need. We care about the community we live in, and we aim to make sure that homes and businesses in the area have access to quality heating, air conditioning, and plumbing installation and service from friendly, trustworthy technicians.

We treat every customer with the same respect we would expect from a technician working in our own homes. Call our friendly team to get expert services for your boiler, furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, sinks, drains, water heater, and all of the components that help to ensure household and business tasks run smoothly. Don’t get caught up a creek without a paddle! Call our friendly team today.

Expect Quality Workmanship

When you call our team for installation or service in Santa Fe, you can expect quality workmanship every time. We service heating, air conditioning, and plumbing equipment of all types, no matter the brand. And the brands we install are recognized in the industry as some of the very best available. With any plumbing, heating, or air conditioning installation or service, we will thoroughly inspect your system so that you can gain peace of mind over the performance of the system or so that you can learn about repair needs before they become a major problem. And we won’t try to pressure you into purchasing a system that we don’t truly think will benefit you.

Residential and Commercial Services

We provide services for both residential and commercial properties. But no matter the size of the job—if we are replacing a set of pipes for a restaurant or if we are only replacing a small electrical component on an air conditioner—we treat your system as if it is the most important one we’ve serviced all day. We’ll keep you informed throughout the process with any service and we’ll provide a full inspection. We can help you to find energy–efficient and water–efficient equipment for new installation, such as low–flow toilets and high–efficiency furnaces. So many homeowners and business owners rely on us to see to it that their plumbing and HVAC equipment remains in the best condition possible, so give us a call today.

Choose Us for All of Your HVAC and Plumbing Service Needs

We want to become your go–to source for all things plumbing, heating, and air conditioning related. We are the preferred service provider for many businesses in the area, and so many of our customers return to us time and time again. Our technicians are EPA certified. We are licensed journeyman plumbers and we have all of the proper licensing and certifications to work on HVAC systems. We were also awarded the City of Santa Fe Family–Friendly Business of the Year 2014 by the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce. We offer a 30–day guarantee of our work, and our installations are guaranteed for a year when the equipment is purchased from us.