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Gas Line Services in Santa Fe, NM

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC - Gas Lines

Gas lines are nothing to fool with, and yet many of our modern appliances depend on them. Not only gas furnaces, but gas powered oven ranges, hot water heaters and other staples of your Santa Fe, NM home depend on a steady supply of gas to do their jobs. When those gas lines run into trouble – whether it’s a clog, a leak or an issue with safety valves – then you can’t afford to trust anyone but a professional to fix it. The same holds true with installing new gas lines to fuel a new appliance. The more knowledge and experience you can bring to the problem, the better.

At Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC we have the personnel to handle gas line issues of all variety, and our credentials speak for themselves in terms of the quality we bring to every job. Gas lines are vital to your home, and their safe functioning is essential to the health and safety of your family. Trust us to make sure they’re functioning properly! Call today.

What Kinds of Problems Face Gas Lines?

In and of themselves, gas lines are no more different than any other pipes or lines in your home. They’re used to bring gas safely to whatever appliance they’re connected to: allowing your furnace to heat your home, your water heater to warm up the water, and your oven range to provide reliable flame on demand for cooking your food. Leaks, clogs and other problems will stop those appliances from functioning. In many cases, safety features will shut off the gas to prevent a leak, but regardless, the problems facing gas lines need a professional to properly resolve them.

Why You Need a Professional to Work on Them

In Santa Fe, NM, we have enough do–it–yourselfers to want to fix a problem with a gas cline — or even install a new one — themselves. The simple reason not to is that it isn’t safe. The New Mexico Gas company and the state of New Mexico have strict requirements for installing and repairing gas lines, which usually means a trained and licensed technician doing the job. Otherwise, you run the risk of a gas leak, which can prove toxic to members of your household or even cause an explosion. That’s why you should trust companies like Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC to do the job the right way.

We’re the Ones to Call for Trouble with your Gas Line

Gas leaks can be spotted by their distinctive odor, and if your appliance won’t turn on, it may be because the safety valve is in place, preventing the gas from flooding your home. Make sure to contact emergency services immediately and vacate the premises quickly if you suspect a gas leak in your home or property.

Once you and your family are safe and your home has been cleared for re–entry, you can count on Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC to get to the bottom of it and restore service to your gas line quickly. We take the same pride and professionalism in replacing old gas lines with new ones, or installing a gas line as part of a renovation to your home. You need a service you can trust with such important components to your home, and we take that trust very seriously.