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Garbage Disposal Systems and Service in Santa Fe, NM

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC - Garbage Disposals

The garbage disposal is now a regular part of the modern kitchen, and for most people it’s a convenience they can’t imagine living without for even a day. A disposal makes cleaning up the kitchen after each meal a snap, and it also prevents large pieces of food waste from clogging up the drainpipes. Disposals also help the environment, since they send food waste to the sewer treatment plant rather than to the garbage and ultimately a landfill.

Kitchen garbage disposals require professional plumbers to service them. If you live in Santa Fe, NM or the surrounding areas, the licensed plumbers to call when you need garbage disposal repairs, installation, or other service are at Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC. We do our best to be a cut above the rest!

Proper Care of Your Garbage Disposal

To avoid repair issues with your garbage disposal, you need to remember that it can’t handle anything put down into it. Below are some items to keep out of the disposal so it will have a long service life:

Actual garbage:
Despite the name, garbage disposal aren’t designed for standard garbage, i.e. anything that’s non–organic like paper, plastic, cigarette butts, etc.
Fibrous foods:
This includes celery, onion skins, and asparagus. These food items don’t grind down easily and their long strands can wrap around the disposal’s mechanical parts and interfere with them.
Fats, oils, and grease:
In hot liquid form, these may appear harmless. But when they cool down, they change into waxy solids that can clog up the disposal and the drainpipe.
Food waste you can’t chew:
This includes things such as popcorn kernels and bones. If your teeth can’t handle it, the grinder in the disposal can’t either.

How to Take Care of Garbage Disposal Repair

No matter how well you guard your disposal from items that can break or clog it, the wear and tear may eventually lead to it breaking down. If you disposal stops working, the first thing you should do is reset it using the button at the bottom of the unit. If this button has popped out, it means the disposal was overloaded for some reason. If you run the disposal again and the button pops out once more, then there is something else wrong with the disposal.

Don’t reach down into the disposal to attempt to dislodge anything that might be caught in it. This is dangerous and probably won’t fix the problem anyway. Call for professional plumbers in the Santa Fe area to come fix it. In some cases they made need to replace the unit.

We Also Install and Replace Garbage Disposals

If your kitchen doesn’t have a garbage disposal, it’s time you made the conversion! Our plumbers will get the job done so the new disposal won’t leak or create vibrations that can damage the sink. You can also rely on us when your current disposal is simply no longer able to perform its job: we’ll replace it with the right new unit.

No matter what work you’re looking for to care for your garbage disposal or any other part of the kitchen, Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC will do the job. We’re family–owned and operated with a decade of experience serving the homes of Santa Fe, NM.