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Automatic Shut Off Valve Services in Santa Fe, NM

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC - Automatic Shut Off Valve

How much do your trust the plumbing in your house? Are you worried that you’ll take a vacation for a week, only to return home to discover a busted dishwasher line has flooded parts of your home? Even if you think your plumbing is in great shape, this kind of disaster can still strike when you least expect it. And it’s common as well: water damages due to plumbing accidents are among the most frequently filed claims on homeowner insurance policies. But with an automatic shut off valve, you can do something about this flooding before it happens.

If you’re interested in having a plumber install an automatic shut off valve for your home, or if you have a current shut off valve that needs repairs or a check to see that it’s still working, contact Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC today to set up an appointment. We have licensed and trained plumbers who are glad to take care of any plumbing job your home in Santa Fe or the surrounding areas may need.

Should You Have an Automatic Shut Off Valve Installed?

When considering the answer to this question, think about all the ways flooding in your home can create damage and cost money. Plumbing failures can occur in multiple places in a home, such as a ruptured washing machine hose, an overflowing toilet, leaks in the water heater, or breaks in the water supply line. The resulting influx of water, whether happening over only an hour or across several days can inflict enormous damage to a home’s substructure, ruin your furnishings and irreplaceable belongings, and leaving behind humid conditions that will lead to hazardous mold growth.

When you add all this up, a basic device like an automatic shut off valve makes an enormous amount of sense. Best of all, it’ll give you peace of mind whenever you leave your house that it’s protected from plumbing disasters. In short, all homes should have shut off valves, including yours.

How an Emergency Shut Off Valve Works

Automatic shut off valves can operate in different ways. One type uses a sensor that detects water seepage on the floor, while others monitor water pressure within the water supply line for sudden changes. Whenever the system detects a possible leak, it closes a magnetic valve on the supply line to shut off the water flow into the house. Advanced models will then send a signal to a display in the house altering the homeowner about what has occurred. If your shut off valve activates, you should immediately call for a professional plumber to find out where there is leaking in the plumbing and have it repaired.

Complete Automatic Shut Off Valve Services in Santa Fe, NM

We understand how important your home and everything (and everyone) in it is to you. We’ll see that you have a great installation of an emergency shut off valve that will give you valuable peace of mind whenever you go on vacation. Any time that you need to schedule repairs for the valve, or want to replace it with a new one, you can also count on us for the work.

Whenever you do run into plumbing issues with your home in Santa Fe, Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC will be there to help: just give us a call. We do our best to be a cut above the rest!