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Air Filtration Systems and Service in Santa Fe, NM

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC - Air Filtration Systems

When you’re looking to clean out contaminants like dust, dander, pollen, dust mites, construction debris, and carpenter and furniture fibers from circulating through your home’s air, one of the first options to consider is mechanical air filters. These air filtration systems do not require any power to operate, and they trap particles attempting to move through them within a mesh of fibers.

As part of our indoor air quality services here at Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC, we install, repair, replace, and maintain a variety of mechanical air filtration systems. Our professional team will help you select the right filters for your needs, and if necessary we’ll pair the new filters with air purifiers so that you have the most thorough cleaning possible for your household air. We’re the people to trust in Santa Fe, NM when it comes to boosting indoor air quality!

The Air Filter on Your AC and Heater Isn’t Enough

If your first thought when hearing about air filters is that you already have one on the cabinet of the heater and/or air conditioner, you need to know that this filter isn’t designed to improve air quality. It protects the internal components of the HVAC system from debris in the house that enters through the return ducts. If your home is suffering from large amount of airborne pollutants, such as the ones we listed above, you need to have a dedication air filtration system installed into the ductwork. These filters are specially designed to trap pollutants down to 0.3 microns in size, which in some cases is sufficient to take care of the house’s main indoor air quality issues.

How to Choose the Best Air Filters for Your House

However, you shouldn’t simply pick an air filter yourself and try to install it. There is no "on size fits all" air filtration system available. A filter with a highly dense weave may succeed at trapping all the pollutants in the air—but it will also restrict the air flow, and that will damage your comfort system and caused energy bills to skyrocket. The other extreme—a filter that lets the majority of particles through it—won’t be much good to you either.

The way to choose the right air filtration system for your needs is to let us do it. We’ll find the filter with the ideal MERV rating (efficiency rating) to match the type of contaminants moving through your house, but which will not interfere with air flow. Then we’ll install it so it works just the way it should.

We’re the People to Call for Air Filtration Services in Santa Fe

At Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC, we’re not satisfied to offer only a single option for improving indoor air quality. If you need further help with air cleansing, we can match your filters with air purifiers, including powerful UV germicidal lights. We’re also ready to help with any services you may require in the future to keep the air filters working for you. Regular maintenance and occasional filter replacements will ensure that your air stays as pollutant–free as possible.

Don’t get caught up a creek without a paddle when it comes to your home’s air quality. Call our friendly staff in Santa Fe, NM today!