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Home Thermostat Systems and Service in Santa Fe, NM

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC - Thermostats

Almost every home in Santa Fe, NM has some manner of heating and cooling system installed. Our winters are too cold and our summers too warm to go for long without one. But regardless of the type of system you have in your home, you need a quality thermostat to control it. The thermostat is the only real way you have to keep your heater or air conditioner running the way it should and to ensure that they keep the house the exact temperature you want.

Like any other appliance, that means your thermostat needs to receive the right treatment from people who know what they’re doing. That means installing a new thermostat the right way, repairing it when it runs into trouble and replacing it with a new one every ten years or so. The trained technicians at Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC can handle that for you, no matter what you may need. Give us a call today and let us show you how.

Thermostat Installation Needs to Be Conducted Properly

New thermostats are actually fairly easy to install, but unless they’re put in the right way, they won’t do their jobs like you need them to. For instance, placing one near a breezeway or vent for your system will cause it to misread the temperature, as will placing it on a wall that gets an excessive amount of sunlight. A good technician can find the ideal spot in your home to accurately read the temperature, then install your new thermostat there (or move your old one if your current model needs to be somewhere a little more effective). Considering the temperature variations we have from season to season here in Santa Fe, that’s vitally important.

We Handle Thermostat Repairs

Thermostats are simple devices and don’t often need repairs, but it does happen, and when it does, you need the right service to fix the problem properly. Most thermostat issues either stem from their power source (frayed electrical wiring or the like), or from a malfunctioning component inside the thermostats failing to turn the heater or air on when you need it, for example, or misreading the temperature to activate the system at inappropriate times. At Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC, our trained staff can hunt down the source of your thermostat’s problem quickly, and either repair it or set up a replacement just as fast.

Replace Your Thermostat Every Decade or So

Thermostats are designed to last for many years, which means yours may have been around for quite some time. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your thermostat around as long as possible, but by leaving an older model in place, you may be missing some remarkable technological advancements. Modern thermostats often have smart programming, for example, which tailors the temperature automatically to suit your tastes. They can also be controlled remotely with an app in your phone, ensuring that you can control our system no matter where in the world you are. Santa Fe weather is always changing, and updating your thermostat every decade or so is a great way to stay on top of it!