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Radiant Systems in Santa Fe, NM

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Today, most homes use a type of forced-air heating system to deliver cozy temperatures to the rooms when the weather turns cold. Forced-air systems include furnaces, heat pumps, and any other type of heater that uses a fan to blow heated air into the rooms of a house. But forced-air systems don’t have the residential heating world all to themselves. There are also radiant heating systems that send warmth into rooms in a different fashion—and in some cases, a much better fashion.

If you’re looking for an experienced company to see to your radiant heating requirements in Santa Fe, NM or the surrounding areas, then you’re already at the right place. Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC handles many types of heating installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services, including for radiant heating systems. Call our super-friendly staff today and they’ll be glad to arrange for an appointment. We’ll always call you back!

What Are Radiant Systems?

The difference between forced–air and radiant systems is the type of heating they use. Forced–air heaters use convection heating, which is the movement heat through air currents. But a radiant heater uses (surprise!) radiant heating, which is the transfer of heat from a heated object through waves to another heated object without raising the temperature of the space between. It’s the effect you feel coming from asphalt on a sunny day: you can feel the heat rising directly up from it.

How this applies in your home: a radiant heating system either uses hydronic power (water heated from a boiler) or electrical heating elements to raise the temperature of an object in a room. It can be a baseboard heater, a radiator, or elements installed into the floor. The heated object then sends heat into the room, warming up the people and object in it. There’s no need to blow air around to do the job.

Some Advantages of Radiant Heating in a Home

Radiant heating offers a number of benefits over conventional forced–air heaters. Here are just a few:

Greater energy efficiency:
Radiant energy transfers heat into rooms much quicker than forced–air systems. Hydronic systems are especially high in energy efficiency, since water is a more effective heat transference medium than air.
More even heat distribution:
Furnaces and heat pumps tend to blow out heated air so that it rises to the top of the room and gathers there, taking a long time before the heat evenly spreads around the space. Radiant heating provides a much more even blanket of warmth.
No negative effect on air quality:
The air coming from forced–air systems often brings along with it dust and debris from the ducts and parts of the house. Radiant heat, on the other hand, is a very clean way of providing cozy comfort.

We Provide Comprehensive Service for Radiant Heating in Santa Fe

Radiant heating systems must have professionals handle the installation work: such a job is simply too large for DIY or amateur work. To find out how best to outfit your home in Santa Fe with the benefits of radiant heat, just give our team a call at Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC. You can also trust to us when you wish to replace part or all of your current radiant system, or whenever there are repair needs. We’re glad to take care of it all, and when you arrange for regular maintenance with our technicians, you’ll have a system in the best health year after year.