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Swamp Coolers in Santa Fe, NM

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC - Swamp Coolers

A swamp cooler – also known as an evaporative cooler – is a common sight here in Santa Fe, NM, which has the atmosphere to best benefit from its unique form of cooling. It actually stems from very old principles of cooling: adding water vapor to the air to help lower the temperature. It’s a simpler system than more modern air conditioners, but it works very well in dry climates like ours, and for the right home, it can be the perfect way to keep cool on a warm summer day.

Swamp coolers need the proper installation, of course, and while they’re simpler than other types of air conditioning, they still suffer breakdowns and need maintenance just like any other household system. The good news is that Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC has staff with specific training and experience in evaporative coolers. That lets us respond effectively not only to repair calls, but perform quality maintenance as well, and install or replace your swamp cooler as needed. If this technology sounds like it’s right for your home, call our friendly staff today!

Efficiency Makes all the Difference

Because swamp coolers and evaporative coolers don’t rely on refrigerant like other types of air conditioning, it’s very important that yours be as efficient as possible. The system is actually fairly easy to understand. A fan blows over a series of wet pads, adding water vapor to the air and cooling the home in the process. It hinges on what’s called "wet bulb" temperature and "dry bulb" temperature (wet bulb temperature being the temperature it would be at 100% humidity, or rain). The higher the swamp cooler’s efficiency rating, the closer it comes to wet bulb temperature. With our dry air here in Santa Fe, that makes a huge difference. When installing a swamp cooler, keep those details in mind in order to find the most efficient system for you.

Trust Repairs to Be Conducted Properly

The good news with swamp coolers is that repairs are often very straightforward. Since the system is very simple, it doesn’t take long for a trained technician to get to the bottom of it and get it fixed quickly. But that still requires proper training, which means a repair service that knows this kind of technology and isn’t just transposing from more common air conditioning systems. That’s why you should always talk to Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC for repairing this kind of system. We have experience in handling swamp cooler repairs, so you know you’re getting real expertise every time.

We Handle It All

Like other kinds of heating and cooling devices, swamp coolers benefit from consistent care and attention applied over time. Starting with installation and continuing through maintenance, repair and replacement, a consistent touch will help it function at its best every time, while extending its lifespan and keeping trouble to a minimum. We can deal with any issue you may have with your swamp cooler, and we stand by our work with a quality guarantee. That lets it handle cooling duties year in and year out here in Santa Fe, and ensure that you get the most out of your investment.