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Central Air Conditioners in Santa Fe, NM

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC - Central Air Conditioners

We use a wide variety of air conditioners here in Santa Fe, NM, from heat pumps that allow you to warm the home as well as cool it to ductless systems that use multiple little units instead of one big one. Most of the time, however, we still rely on the old-fashioned model of central air conditioning: generating cool air in a single location and distributing that air through your home with a series of ducts. It’s efficient, inexpensive and is what most people are comfortable with, and the old saying holds true: if the concept isn’t broken, there’s no reason to fix it.

While the concept may be sound, however, individual units do need fixing sometimes, as stress and frequent use take their toll. New units need to be installed the right way and existing ones serviced to keep them in top shape. For that, you need a great service like the one at Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC. Centralized air conditioning is our bread and butter, and we pledge to deliver the highest quality service to each and every one of our customers. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do!

The Classic Means of Keeping Cool

Centralized air conditioning works so well because the process of cooling the air is relatively simple. Refrigerant circulates through a series of valves and coils, which first bleed heat off of it (converting it to a liquid state), then revert the liquid into gaseous form, which pulls heat from the nearby air. That air can then be blown through the ducts into your home with a fan. It’s straightforward and effective, though like any other system, it needs to be installed properly, and repairs are sometimes necessary. Contact Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC to learn more about what we can do for your central air conditioning system.

Central Air Conditioning Services Must Be Comprehensive

Here in Santa Fe, NM, we can’t waste time on services that don’t do the job the way they need to. When it comes to air conditioning, you want a company that can handle every difficulty that your system encounters. It starts with installation, which should be conducted with care and efficiency to ensure your new unit works as intended. Regular maintenance can keep it in good condition, and when repairs are needed, you want them to be conducted quickly and effectively. Finally, when the time comes to replace your system, you want to make sure that your new air conditioner works just as well as your old one did. You can get the services you depend on for your AC from Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Means Efficiency

Part of keeping your air conditioner running at its peak is a good maintenance session conducted at least once a year by a trained professional here in Santa Fe, NM. The technician can tighten loose bolts, clean dirty components and otherwise make sure that little problems don’t turn into big ones. As a result, your system will function more efficiently, using less energy to do its job and suffering less from wear and tear than it might otherwise. Applied judiciously over time, it can even extend the life of your system, and ensure that you make the most out of this important household investment!