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Air Conditioning Services in Santa Fe, NM

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC - Air Conditioning

Summers in Santa Fe, NM are fairly cool, since we’re in the mountainous part of the state rather than down in the desert. But we still get plenty of heat in the summer months, and a reliable air conditioner is your best weapon against those high temperatures. That means more than just having a reliable installation performed on a new air conditioner. It means performing repairs the right way and scheduling regular maintenance sessions to prevent those repairs in the first place.

In all these things, the pros at Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC can help. Whether you’re working with traditional air conditioners or use alternative models like ductless systems and heat pumps, we can help. We’re also skilled at upgrades such as new thermostats and zone controls, and can handle everything from installation to maintenance and repair to replacement. Call us today to make an appointment with our team.

For Installation Services, Quality Makes a Difference

Installing a new air conditioner is the first step in ensuring that it behaves with maximum efficiency. A poor quality installation means cheap parts like screws that will wear out sooner, as well as shoddy placement and other little details that rob your system of its ability to work at its best. The same holds true if you install an alternative type of air conditioner, such as a heat pump, without the proper training in the specifics. Santa Fe, NM residents deserve better. Make sure you contact a professional who knows how to install your new system right and makes sure each step is conducted properly.

Prompt Air Conditioning Repairs and Replacement Services Can Be Your Best Friend

When air conditioning problems come, they rarely arrive at a convenient time. You need a service that can not only spot the problem quickly and make repairs fast, but can conduct those repairs in the proper manner so that the same issue doesn’t crop up again a few months down the road. The same holds true with replacement services. A good air conditioning technician can advise you on whether a problem should simply be repaired, or whether you would do better having an new unit installed. Regardless, the pros at Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC can steer you in the right direction with quality repairs and replacement services that can’t be beat!

Air Conditioning Maintenance Stops Repairs before They Start

Here in Santa Fe, NM, we pride ourselves on our practicality, and that often means that an ounce of prevention can beat a pound of cure. Instead of dealing with a difficult air conditioner repair, schedule a maintenance session once or twice a year with a trained professional. Not only will it prevent a number of serious problems by stopping them before they start, but it will allow the air conditioner to function with more efficiency, cutting down on those monthly cooling bills and extending the overall life of your system in the process. You’d be surprised how much net cost you can save with regular tune–ups from a trained professional. Your air conditioner — and your wallet — will thank you.