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Duct Sealing Services in Santa Fe, NM

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC - Duct Sealing

For any HVAC system to work, whether for a home or a business, its ductwork must have an airtight seal along its length. This allows the ducts to maintain air pressure that permits the even distribution of conditioned air to all the room vents. This seal, however, can deteriorate due to corrosion, mold, stress, and poor initial installation. When air begins to escape from the ducts through leaks, it compromises the entire HVAC system—and consequently, a household’s comfort and energy efficiency.

The solution to this trouble is to have the ductwork professionally sealed. If you live in Santa Fe, NM or the surrounding areas, the people to trust with this task are at Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC. We’re a family-owned and operated company dedicated to seeing that your family receives the highest quality service when it comes to heating and cooling. Make an appointment with us today.

The Trouble with Duct Leaks

"What’s the big deal with a few small holes in the ducts?" If this is the thought that pops into your head when you hear about duct sealing, we have some facts for you: according to the U.S. EPA, leaky air ducts can account for a loss of up to 30% of the air moving through a ventilation system. That’s air you pay to heat or cool that is going nowhere except into spaces in the walls of into attic, doing you no good at all. You don’t want to pay up to 30% more than you have to in order to keep your house comfortable!

There are other issues with leaky ducts. The extra strain placed on the heater and AC will make them more prone to malfunctions and the need for an early replacement. The leaks will also allow dust and moisture inside the ventilation system, which can lead to a drop in indoor air quality and even the growth of molds. As soon as you believe your ducts have lost their air tight integrity, you must schedule duct sealing services.

Signs Your Need Your Ducts Sealed

But how do you know that your ducts need sealing if you can’t see them? Here a few signs to watch for:

Higher energy bills:
Leaking air ducts, as explained above, will elevate heating and cooling bills. If your heater and AC are working fine, yet seem to be costing more and more to run, it’s time to look into duct leaks as the source.
Rattling noises:
Ducts that are damaged and leaking air will often make loud rattling noises when the HVAC system is running.
Low air flow:
Place your hand across the room vents when the AC or heater is on. If the air flow seems sluggish, the ducts may be losing air pressure to leaks.

Arrange for Duct Sealing in Santa Fe with Our Team

You cannot seal your home’s ducts on your own. Duct tape isn’t a solution—in fact, duct tape is actually no good for sealing ducts, as laboratory tests have shown. It’s difficult even to locate the air leaks if you don’t have the proper tools or training. Instead, call our ventilation experts at Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC in Santa Fe, NM. They’ll use special equipment to find where your ductwork is losing air, and then with the help of mastic sealant and metallic tapes they’ll close up the ducts to restore the airtight seal. You can depend on us for this and many other HVAC services: we do our best to be a cut above the rest!