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Duct Insulation Services in Santa Fe, NM

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC - Duct Insulation

Comfort and energy savings in your house is about more than the heating and cooling system that provide desirable temperatures around the year. Achieving the best in comfort while preventing high energy bills also depends on the ventilation system. A poorly installed and designed set of ducts, or ductwork with air leaks, will undo all the good that even the best heater and air conditioner can do. Another problem with ventilation systems—one that is unfortunately common—is poor insulation.

You can turn to the HVAC professionals at Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC in Santa Fe, NM to handle insulating your ducts. Our experienced team will see that the heat seal along the ductwork will keep them energy efficient no matter the time of the year. Call our office today to inquire about duct insulation and the other HVAC services we offer to homeowners.

The Importance of Proper Duct Insulation

It’s easy to put the ductwork in your home completely out mind—because it is, after all, out of sight. The ducts crawl through the walls and the attic, removed from where you can see them, and so you will assume that there are just doing the job expected of them.

But this isn’t always the case. Ducts can lose and gain heat from the outside, and the areas where ducts run are rarely heated or air conditioned. The attic is a good example: during the summer, attics will often reach 130°F. The insulation in the attic floor will help keep this from the house, but what’s to keep it from entering the ductwork, raising the temperature of the air and harming the effectiveness of your AC? The air from the vents will be warmer than it should, and aside from discomfort, this will also raise your bills. During winter, the problem flips around, with the ducts losing heat.

This is where duct insulation is essential: placing the proper layer of insulation around ducts in cold/hot areas of a house will reduce the heat gain and loss that steals money and comfort from you.

How to Tell You Need Duct Insulation

This leads to a good question: How do you know your ducts need insulation if you can’t see most of them? There are some signs to look for. Heating and cooling bills that seem abnormally high. If your ducts make rattling noises when the HVAC system runs, it usually indicates that they don’t have insulation around them, and bringing in professionals to check on them is a good idea. If at any point you start to have mold problems in the ducts, it could arise from condensation inside due to inferior insulation. And if there are ducts in the attic, they must be insulated if they aren’t already. (This is one place where you can make an easy visual check on the ductwork.)

Make Sure Only Professionals Install Duct Insulation

Your home in Santa Fe deserves to receive the best service possible for its HVAC system. That quality of service won’t come from DIY or amateur work. Only trained experts will know how to insulate your ducts so they do the job they’re supposed to and don’t end up creating other problems. It only takes a call to our team to arrange for excellent duct insulation.

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC has been in business for ten years, and our team has the experience, training, and equipment to handle any HVAC needs you may have. We’re family–owned and operated, and we’ll offer your family the finest in service in the Santa Fe area.