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Indoor Air Quality Systems and Service in Santa Fe, NM

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC - Indoor Air Quality

Do you know what’s floating around the air in your home? If you answered “dust,” you’re almost certainly right. But there can be much worse circulating around the rooms of a house, unseen but creating comfort and health problems—even damaging building material! Almost any home can benefit from indoor air quality services that will remove or reduce the effects of these numerous pollutants, most of which come from inside the house itself.

Getting started with boosting the quality of your home’s air only requires picking up the phone and giving us a call. Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC is one the experts in indoor air quality in the Santa Fe, NM area. We’re family-owned and operated and have decades of experience in the HVAC industry. You can trust to our IAQ professionals to find the ideal solutions that will give your household the clean and healthy air it deserves.

Why You May Have Poor Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

People tend to think of air pollutants as a problem that occurs outdoors, not indoors. But according to the U.S. EPA, the air indoors is often three to four times worse. Why is this?

Part of the problem is that houses today (and buildings in general) are designed to trap heat during the winter and keep heat outside in the summer. Because of this effective heat sealing, fresh air doesn’t have much chance to circulate, and indoor contaminants build up in greater concentrations without any escape route.

Another reason is that the sources for air pollution inside a home have increased. It’s no longer just dust and pet dander. The list of sources of chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is long: cleaning and hobby products, cosmetics, detergents, pressed wood, paint, paint thinner, gas stoves and heaters, even clothing and furniture. You can’t eliminate all the sources of these pollutants—but you can remove most of the pollutants if you have the right professional assistance.

Air Filters, Air Purifiers, and Much More

Our indoor air quality specialists in Santa Fe, NM have the full range of products to help cleanse your air of unwanted impurities. Air filtrations systems are one of the basic ways of stopping contaminants, and our technicians will make sure you have filters that won’t interfere with the operation of your AC and heater.

When filters can’t do a thorough enough job, you can have them paired with electronic air cleaners, which affect very minute particles such as gas and odor molecules. If your air quality problems come from organic intruders like mold spores and bacteria, we’ll find a special UV air purifier that will deal with them.

We Also Offer Ductwork Sealing Services

Trouble with indoor air quality can also come from damage to the ducts in your ventilation system. If your air ducts start to draw outside air into them, it will include dust and other debris—and that will end up in your home’s air. Along with insulating ducts, our technicians also seal them, and this will not only help protect your air quality, but also improve energy efficiency.

At Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC, we do our best to be a cut above the rest. That’s why you can trust us if you want better air quality for your household. Talk to us today and you’ll be on the road to a healthier and more comfortable life in Santa Fe.