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Commercial Air Purifier Services in Santa Fe, NM

Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC - Commercial Air Purifier

Temperature is not the only thing that matters when it comes to staying comfortable in a commercial space. If there are particles in the air like pollen, dander, and mold spores, some people in the building are likely to take notice. People with severe allergies and asthma suffer the most when a building suffers from poor indoor air quality, but it can also affect someone with no preexisting conditions as well.

As a commercial property owner or manager, you want to make your place of business a safe and comfortable place to be. When it comes to your HVAC system, having a quality heating and air conditioning system might not be enough. Consider a commercial air purifier to help your employees and clientele keep healthy and comfortable. Call the friendly specialists at Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC to learn more or to schedule light commercial air purifier installation or service in Santa Fe today!

How an Electronic Air Purifier Works

An electronic air purifier uses an ionization process to charge particles in the air. Unlike an air filter or an air filtration system, which traps particles in fibrous media, an electronic air purifier uses a stream of ions to electrically charge the particles floating in the air. This includes dust, dander, pollen, and many of the tiny particles your system’s air filter can miss.

The particles then stick to collection plates inside of the system or to surfaces inside of the building, but they are no longer moving around in the air that your employees and clientele breathe. This can be an immense help to someone who suffers from asthma or someone with an immune system disorder.

UV Air Purifiers Kill Germs

Another option for air purification on a commercial property is a UV air purifier. Ultraviolet light is effective at killing and sterilizing small organic matter in the air. It won’t harm you or your family members thanks to its secure position in your HVAC system. But viruses and bacteria, among other small matter, are killed on contact. The sterilization process renders them unable to reproduce, which means it is safe to breathe them in. Bacteria, viruses, and mold spores are problematic to those with and without preexisting conditions like asthma and severe allergies. Having a UV light system in your HVAC system can make a major difference in the overall health of the people who use your property every day.

Call Us for Commercial Air Purifier Services

Looking for a new commercial air purifier in Santa Fe, NM? We install only the top brands in the industry. We will make sure it is securely in place, and that all of the air that enters your HVAC system has the chance to be purified.

We can also provide air purifier services should you notice your air purifier is not performing up to standard, or if some parts of the building don’t get the level of clean air you expect. When anyone on the property complains about declining air quality, count on Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC to help. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and seeing that you get the help you need to keep everyone healthy and comfortable.