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The Potential Dangers of a Leaking Water Heater

As long as your water heater is maintained regularly and repaired when needed, you shouldn’t run into any detrimental problems. In fact water heaters are built to last many years and rarely experience catastrophes. However, just like any other home comfort system, there is always a risk.

One problem that people sometimes experience with their water heater is a leak. Leaks can be caused by a corroded tank, loose valves, or even by something as simple as condensation during cold temperatures. No matter the cause though, a leaking water heater should never be ignored. Keep reading to learn why.

Property Damage

One of the clearest dangers of a water heater leak is damage to your property. Water can destroy carpet, warp floorboards, and cause the development of unhealthy mold and mildew. Any water that is resting around your water heater should be cleaned up as soon as possible, and should be monitored until a professional can inspect.

Faulty Heating Element

If your heating element has become damaged in some way, then your water heater might begin to leak. If you think this might be your problem, the best thing you can do is turn off the water and power, and then call an experienced water heater professional. We may need to drain the water out of the tank in order to replace the gasket.

Rusty Pipe

If a rusty pipe has corroded and is causing a water leak, then your water supply can be in danger. Water that is exposed to rust can absorb bacteria and chemicals that are unsafe for drinking or for using throughout your home.

Tank Explosion

These events are very rare, but a danger nonetheless. Sometimes, a leaking water heater could be a sign of water pressure building up until it is too high, and has nowhere to go. This type of emergency can also happen if the water temperature is set too high or if the relief valve is broken or damaged.

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