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Is Your Ductless Mini-Split System in Trouble?

Earlier this summer, we talked about the many benefits of ductless mini-split systems—particularly what a good choice they are for smaller homes or older homes that may not have room for ductwork installation. If you already have a ductless system installed in your home, you of course want to make sure that it performs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

You won’t always be fully prepared for a ductless system issue. However by understanding what different sings mean and why you should address them right away can help you to avoid a bigger emergency down the road. Read on to discover a couple common—but repairable—ductless system problems.

Refrigerant Leak

Any AC system with leaking fluid is an AC system in trouble. Leaking fluid is most often the result of refrigerant escaping from your ductless unit. Refrigerant is a chemical blend of multiple fluids that are responsible for absorbing heat from one area and moving it to another.

Without this very important AC component, your ductless mini-split can’t function as anything more than a fan. If a leak is occurring along your refrigerant line, it can and will quickly drain your system of the fluid it needs to function. Call one of our professionals as soon as you notice a leak to have it promptly repaired.

Ice Forming on the System

Many homeowners mistakenly believe it’s normal to see ice developing on their ductless system. After all, it is a system that produces cold air, so this should make sense, right? Unfortunately, ice is typically an indication that your evaporator coil has frozen due to a dirty air filter or other type of problem.

This ice prevents your evaporator coil from absorbing heat from your indoor air. As a result, ice much be removed from your system by a professional right away to prevent permanent warping of the coil. This can severely damage your ductless mini-split system and cause it to malfunction completely.

For expert ductless system repairs in Las Vegas, NM, contact Glorieta Creek Mechanical LLC today!

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